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Selena Gomez: This is my second year in a row attending the Met Gala. Celebrating art and fashion is truly inspiring.528 views
Selena Gomez: We used real orchids in my hair, keeping with the theme of the evening.295 views
Selena Gomez: Listening to music before I hit the craziness.555 views
Selena Gomez: This Polaroid is from my stylist Kate Young. I love when others take photos because you get to see it through their perspective.331 views
Selena Gomez: Getting hair and makeup at the same time. The pressure is on to be ready.481 views
Selena Gomez: Good morning! The day I got ready for the Met Gala!!! I am obsessed with flowers so I usually leave a trail of them wherever I go. 1089 views
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